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from by Beth May

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I am an explorer.
I have climbed Mt Everest three and a half times.
I just updated my status from a pub in Amsterdam. Check out these eats, man. Check out that man in the whiskey tumbler telling me he loves my accent.
I have built houses for children in, uh, that one African country. They shared porridge with me. I shared every moment on Instagram. They call me no filter philanthropy.
I swam in the Bering Sea, tottering out of a crab boat to retrieve my Go Pro, emerged from the water all grey like a ghost and I got a selfie with the Coast Guard as they treated me for hypothermia.
People never need to ask me where I’ll be. It’s all over my phone and computer screens it seeps into conversations with every Walmart greater I meet I am Atlas, carrying the weight of the world on every tweet.
And so what if my pretty lofty philosophy is more than 140 characters?
Try touching 140 lives. A day. I am an explorer.
My profile pic was never as happening as the time I enjoyed a diet coke on the Great Barrier Reef. Forgot the can. Saved the memories.
By the way, save the dolphins!
I got arrested for keeping a bottlenose on a leash and now I hate cops even more than when I got a warning for going 30 over in a school zone. Yeah, fuck the police I am a rebel explorer.
Please give me another tragic three word hashtag to post on my blog and let me edit it to benefit my skin color.
Because I view all races and genders as equal, but separate in their equality.
So I am letting my friends watch me donate dollars to inner city youth
At night, I am rolling my car windows up at the first sign of a large sweatshirt
But that last part’s just between you and me.
I don’t just explore to see; I explore to feel
Claps on the back and the guilt of my ancestors,
because that’s the only thing I have to atone for
I see less through a lens; it’s an excuse not to do more
And I’ve checked my Tumblr twice since I picked up this mic
I am a culturally aware explorer.
I have chanted along with protesters so loudly I’ve forgotten what they, I mean, we, were fighting for.
I am a political explorer.
I have marked ballots because of something I read on HuffPost or was it FOX or was it The Onion. That candidate had a cooler name anyway.
I am an artistic explorer.
I have read this poem at the last six job interviews I attended by the way is anyone hiring?
I am an explorer. I care about the world. I care about society. I care about you. Almost as much as I care about me.
I am an explorer. Like this status if you agree.


from the family arsonist, released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Beth May Phoenix, Arizona

I'm a writer/actor living in Phoenix, AZ with an additional poetry habit...Sorry that my voice creaks.

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