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No bad breakup ever ended in an ampersand
We take our last breaths in ellipses
We wait and we gasp
Because you were asking me if we could last during that last conversation on my parent’s driveway, as if to put our relationship in a coma over spring break.
I paused, put a comma between hell and no and I don’t know if I’m taking the easy way out,
But I know that no bad break up ever ended in an ampersand
And I’m not standing for your last name on my mailbox,
Our mismatched initials packed tightly on soap dispensers and kitchen towels,
Your oxford commas on a list that only required hyphens, and it’s high time to tell you that you’re not my antagonist. I don’t care that much.

So take time and a semi colon: image you were the villain,
Taking exit from my heart before you entered paper,
Quoting a haughty mug as it crashes to linoleum in a fight that wrinkles your knuckles and raises your voice and leaves your personalized beer glass intact, lets say that.
It’d be a lot easier to think about you. Period.

But you, you know me.
And I fall into lust so easily
Likening my short attention span to the long days of spring
When really I just get chilly feet

So give me poems and paragraphs to explain why
No ex is ever worth six stitches in my wrist
No lie is worth answering the doc’s question mark
When he’s gluing up the veins I minced
And good lust for bad love aren’t concepts worth mixing
Just like good grammar and spelling aren’t meant to be tricky
But I guess I only found that true until I had to use them
Until I had to use you
No bad break up ever ended in an ampersand
No bad break up ever ends


from the family arsonist, released February 10, 2015
"Obey the Sun " by Phlox.s
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license



all rights reserved


Beth May Phoenix, Arizona

I'm a writer/actor living in Phoenix, AZ with an additional poetry habit...Sorry that my voice creaks.

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